PossAbility Unlimited provides bi-annual retreats to serve individuals with traumatic spinal cord injuries and their caregivers.

Retreats include medical education, PT support, games, outdoor adventures, adapted sports, catered meals, special guests and events, and more! Each retreat is different and no retreat will be exactly the same in order to provide a variety of activities and new adventures.

Retreats are currently held in Martinsville, Indiana, just south of Indianapolis. Lodging is bunk-style in an adapted 1800’s mansion with 5-6 twin beds and a large accessible ADA bathroom in each room; shared rooms is a favorite feature of retreats. Individuals may attend on their own (if they are independent) or with a caregiver; no caregiving will be provided by PossAbility staff or volunteers.

Retreat weekend is an amazing one full of adventure, comradery, and laughter! We hope you are able to join us!


  • Individuals must be 18 and older to attend and have a traumatic spinal cord injury (not from birth)
  • Individuals who are independent with care needs* may attend on their own
  • Individuals who need help with daily care** should attend with a caregiver
  • Individuals who need partial assist*** but do not have a caregiver who can attend with them may apply for a spot that includes someone who can assist them (NOTE: These spots are VERY limited on a first come/first served basis, and the retreat may fill before one comes available)
  • Individuals who register must be able to attend the entire retreat, Thursday night at 5p EST to Sunday at 11a EST (if an individual leaves early for a non-medical or non-emergency reason, they will be put on the waitlist for future retreats)
  • Individuals who attend must sign up for PossAbility texts; if confirmation is not made via text or email prior to the retreat, the individual will be dropped to the waiting list and no refunds will be available
  • No alcohol, marijuana, vaping, or smoking is allowed on the property; if you need nicotine, we recommend a nicotine patch
  • A $200 non-refundable deposit is required at registration

*Independent = you are able to transfer, shower, use the restroom, and transfer alone; a volunteer will be available on standby but you should be able to do 90% of all daily activities alone

**Require daily help = dependent transfers, suppository insertion and/or digital rectal stimulation, help with dressing, etc.

***Partial assist = standby transfers, limited help with dressing, may need to be handed a tool for bowel program but can complete program on their own, etc.

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